I . Department of Physiology and Pathology of the Higher Nervous Activity
(Head - professor M.O.Samoilov)

1. Laboratory of physiology of the higher nervous activity  (Head V.T.Shuvaev)

2. Laboratory of neuroendocrinology  (Head - N.E.Ordyan)

3. Laboratory of ontogenesis of the nervous system   (Head - corr.member RAS, prof. V.A. Otellin)

4. Laboratory of regulation of functions of brain neurons (Head - prof. M. O. Samoilov)

5. Laboratory of genetics of the higher nervous activity ( Head N.A. Duzhikova)

6. Laboratory of comparative genetics of behavior ( Head - N. G. Kamyshev )

7. Laboratory of neurogenetics ( Head - prof. E. V. Savvateeva-Popova )

8. Laboratory of Psychophysiology of Speech (Head E. A. Ogorodnikova)

II . Department of Physiology of Sensory Systems
(Head - prof. Yu. . Shelepin))

      1. Laboratory of auditory physiology (Head - N.I. Nikitin)

      2. Laboratory of visual physiology (Head - prof. Yu.E. Shelepin)

      3. Laboratory of motion physiology (Head - prof. Yu. P. Gerasimenko)

      4. Laboratory of cellular physiology and biophysics (Head - prof.V.O.Samoilov)

      5. Laboratory of neuromorphology (Head - prof. F.N. Makarov)

      6. Laboratory of Informational Technologies and Mathematical Modeling (Head - V. N. Chikhman)

      III . Department of Physiology of Visceral Systems
      (Head - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences L.P.Filaretova)

1. Laboratory of cortical-visceral physiology (Head - S.S. Panteleev)

2. Laboratory of physiology of nutrition (Head - L.V.Gromova)

3. Laboratory of physiology of circulation (Head - prof. G. I. Lobov)

4. Laboratory of physiology of respiration (Head - N. P. Aleksandrova)

5. Laboratory of physiology of interoception (Head - acad. Nozdrachev)

6. Laboratory of physiology of digestion (Head V. A. Zolotarev)

7. Laboratory of experimental endocrinology (Head - corr.memb.RAS L.P.Filaretova)

8. Laboratory of physiology of excitable membranes (Head - prof. B.V. Krylov)

9. Laboratory of clinical cardiology (Head - N.Z.Klueva)

10. Laboratory of functional morphology and physiology of the neuron Head prof. O.S. Sotnikov

11. Group of physiology of thermoregulation and bioenergetics (Head prof. K. P. Ivanov)

12. Group of mechanisms of transcranial electrostimulation (Head A.V.Malygin)

13. Group of peptide regulation of ageing (Head - Prof. V. Kh. Khavinson)

14. Group of neurophysiology of visceral systems (Head - Prof. V.G. Aleksandrov)

Department of Scientific Prognosis of Physiological Investigations and History of Physiology
(Head E.P. Vovenko)

Department of Laboratory Animal Husbandry
(Head E.I. Petrova)

Group of scientific cinematography
(Head N.A.Maltsev)