Scientific Research

In preserving continuity of the traditional studies initiated by I. P. Pavlov and taking into account advances in modern physiology, the Institute goes on with development of fundamental and applied investigations on mechanisms of the higher nervous activity, functioning of the organism sensory and visceral systems, deciphering of processes of their regulation and adaptation to factors of environment and internal medium.

The complex character and the goal orientation of studies are provided by the long-term Program developed by the Institute: « Mechanisms of regularities and interaction of the human and animal organism physiological systems in processes of adaptation to the environmental conditions» in compliance with the priority directions of investigations approved by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Investigations of the Institute not only are of important theoretical significance, but also promote solution of many practical problems of medicine, pedagogy, informatics, husbandry and give grounds for development and introduction of effective ways of an increase of organism adaptational possibilities and human activity optimization under onditions of the ecological and social stress.

The researchers of the Institute traditionally perform a large international cooperation: their studies are carried out with support both of the Russian and of various foreign programs and foundations. In the frame of this cooperation, for the recent decade, the Institute researchers went out more than 500 times for foreign missions both for performance of cooperative investigations and for participation in scientific events. During the same time, more that 700 foreign scientists were accepted at the Institute.


Department of Physiology and Pathology of the Higher Nervous Activity

Department of Physiology of Sensory Systems

Department of Physiology of Visceral Systems

Department of Bioinformatics and Modeling of Physiological Functions